High Maintenance

High Maintenance

Marriage isn't always what we dream it will be.

What guy wouldn’t want to be married? Fresh coffee, clean laundry, and willing sex 24/7...right?

Okay, I wasn’t so naive when Lisa and I got married that I actually thought she would wait on me hand and foot. I mean, I knew that she wouldn’t always be available for a nooner - she had a job, too. But I had a vision about how our life would work - everything would be exactly the same as before, except Lisa would always be there.

Ryan Miller's finally taking the plunge, and he's in for a rude awakening.

About the Book
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Square Gorilla Press
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 0.99
High Maintenance is written from the point of view of Ryan Miller and his expectations of marriage; in reality he didn't have a clue what marriage was supposed to be like. Although Lisa his High Maintenance wife changed the first week of marriage from a sexually active date to a working woman with a career that was more important than Ryan, he stuck with her. This was the start of his adventures with dealing with cancer, HIV, his best friend being a swinger and lots of other problems that comes with life. Ryan's saving trait is he remains faithful and takes care of those he cares for in a crisis. High Maintenance is a comment on our modern society and the new problems we have made for people living now and how to overcome difficulties in a honorable and steadfast manner.
– Amazon Reviewer
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