The goddess Parvati has been slain and her powers over the dying set free. Only a female goddess can wield the power of life and death, but the two who survive—Lili and Kali—refuse to do their duty. So Maja sets out to find a solution.

Meanwhile, the rebellion learns of Aaliyah’s allegiance to Maja, and orders her to kill him. Rather than betray the man she loves, Aaliyah enlists the help of the powerful god Ganesh and goes into hiding.

Tanaya’s connection to the dragon leader Rorek grows stronger, and she is declared Thunder Clan, part of an unbreakable bond between human and dragon. But when the king orders her to enlist the dragons in the human war, her loyalties are divided.

Nilaruna is finally a princess, but her people are suffering and war is eminent. She has magic, but can she develop it fast enough to save her people?

Dragons, magic, love, and intrigue fill the pages of the third book in The Nilaruna Cycles. Join the adventure!

About the Book
Series: The Nilaruna Cycles, Book 3
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Publisher: Square Gorilla Press
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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