The Go-Between

The Go-Between

Cursed three hundred years ago for a selfless act of bravery, Maja now serves as Protector of the kingdom, living as a hermit in the mountains and guarding the pass from a land invasion.

To assist Maja, the priesthood selects an unmarried girl to act as his Go-Between, his eyes and ears to the goings-on of the kingdom. Each Go-Between is supposed to serve for two years, but the last twenty-two have been released from service early…because of death.

Scarred years ago in a fire that took her brother’s life, Nilaruna has no prospects for marriage or a trade. She knows of the dark pattern of mysterious deaths, but with little hope of a happy life, she volunteers to be the next Go-Between.

Nilaruna expects to run errands for an old man and die in the process. She doesn’t expect to meet a young man trapped in the body of a dragon, who can see past her scars and give her the love she’s always dreamed of.

But someone wants the Go-Betweens dead and Maja with them so they can invade the kingdom.

And then there is Prince Kai and the dire prophecy given by Shiva, the most manipulative god in their pantheon. The prince needs Nilaruna to help save his life and stop an impending revolution.

But saving his own life means resigning Nilaruna to her death.

How far will they go to save themselves, the people they love, and the entire kingdom?

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Series: The Nilaruna Cycles, Book 1
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Publisher: Square Gorilla Press
Publication Year: 2015
List Price: $12.99
eBook Price: $4.99
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