Honor System

Honor System

The Dwellers continue their journey in Book 4 of The System Series…

Seventeen-year-old Dweller and genius Thomas Van Zandt races against the clock to save his father from a heart attack. Thomas literally hooks into Michael’s brain, keeping it functioning until he can figure out how to heal the damage.

But healing takes its toll. Nothing is free.

After the healing, Thomas wakes three months later to find his life has gone on without him.

Michael is still in a coma, and his soul is barely tethered to his body.

The two babies Thomas and his wife Tessa adopted have grown and display amazing Dweller abilities—they can mindread and even heal others from afar. But Tessa is not a Dweller, and without the ability to control her own mind, she can’t control the kids.

Becoming a Dweller goes against everything Tessa believes—she doesn’t want to invade the privacy of others by mindreading, and she doesn’t want to mess with the way God made her. But in a family where the extraordinary is common, Tessa feels like an outsider.

Thomas needs to figure out why Michael won’t wake up, control his children’s burgeoning powers, and somehow convince Tessa that becoming a Dweller is a good thing.

Even when it has horrible consequences.

About the Book
Series: The System Series, Book 4
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Square Gorilla Press
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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