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Systems Go

The final stunning chapter in The System Series is here!
It's been 23 years since we left the Dwellers. For the last 15, the world has been fighting the Pan virus, a deadly disease that deforms fetuses and aborts most pregnancies. The world's population has dwindled, but Dwellers are immune to the virus, and the Planarian Institute and its scientists - Thomas, Tyrion, Kate, Kenneth, and Chris - have organized the dispensing of the Dweller protocol to anyone in the world who will take it.

Targeted for their research, their wealth, you name it, the Dweller families have suffered tragedy. Both Thomas and Tessa's daughter and Kate and Kenneth's daughter - best friends - were kidnapped five years ago. The families expected a ransom request, but such a request never came.

Emmaleth, Thomas and Tessa's older adopted daughter, is a strong psychic. She's been traveling the world, healing people where she can and searching for the missing girls. When she stumbles across a man who is making women Dwellers and giving them healthy babies, she raids his memories to find images of two "witches," one light, one dark, chained in a dirty room in the Philippines, their DNA harvested for enhancements. A lead.

A SEAL team rescues the girls, and though they are safe, they have a long way to go to be healed.

And just as one crisis has passed, another arises – the Pan virus mutates. Dwellers are no longer immune.

The Dwellers have amazing abilities – some can mindread, some can see souls, some can heal. But those abilities aren’t enough to overcome the deadliest virus the world has ever seen.

Ultimately, there’s only one force with the power to heal.

And anyone who doesn’t find it will die.

About the Book
Series: The System Series, Book 5
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Square Gorilla Press
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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