New Website – Finally!

After numerous iterations and sweat and hair-pulling, here it is. Gah, the torture.

I took the summer off from blogging, and yes, I was busy, but I think I was also throwing a bit of a tantrum. I liked my old Weebly site. It was easy, so friggin’ easy. And WordPress just isn’t.

But I’ve decided to remove my thumb from my mouth and get on with it. The boys return to school tomorrow, and I have no more excuses. I will conquer WordPress or die trying!

Thanks for hanging with me on this.

Next up, The System Series Book 4, Honor System. We’re nearing the end of the series, as I have one final book planned to be released around the holidays. If you’ve read the series, you know that book one starts when Thomas is six years old, and then book two jumps ten years to when Thomas is sixteen. The final book five will take another leap, this one far into the future. Will it be dystopian or utopian? Any guesses?

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