Playing Loaded Questions with Young Boys

Loaded Questions

Yesterday, I played an hour of Loaded Questions with Alex (9), Tyler (11), and Hannah (18) – it’s a great family game. Players take turns drawing a question. The other 3 players answer the question, and you have to guess who said which answer.
Question: “What do you have a natural talent for?”
Answer #1: Using ointment.
Answer #2: Coming up with creative answers with ointment in them.
Answer #3: Art.

Question: “What is the best thing to do first thing in the morning?”
Answer #1: Rub ointment on myself.
Answer #2: Sleep in.
Answer #3: Rub ointment on Alex’s rash.

Question: “What have you never done on the Internet?”
Answer #1: Gambled.
Answer #2: Bought ointment.
Answer #3: Sold Alex.


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