What’s Taking So Long?

I’m with you. I’m taking quite a while to release the final book in my Nilaruna Cycles trilogy. So here’s an update on my progress.

First, I’ve had some personal setbacks. Odd to say this out loud, but my parents, after 42 years of marriage, are getting a divorce. And a year a half ago, we bought the house next door to them. I’ve had a hard time separating myself from the drama (physically, it’s almost impossible – they can find me!). But last week, I finally decided that I needed to put boundaries in place and get on with everything I’ve neglected.

Like writing.

The book is 95% done. I know how it’s supposed to end. But dang it, there are plot threads coming out my butt on this one, and I want to make absolutely certain that nothing’s left hanging. This is the final book in this series, and I won’t get another chance to make things right if I screw it up. So please bear with me. I’m aiming for June 1.

And if you haven’t read the first book in this series yet (THE GO-BETWEEN)…email me. I’ll send it to you free and get you hooked. 🙂

But that’s not the whole story. With the personal drama came a drop of inspiration, and I have been writing. I have a 12-book contemporary romance novella series simmering (same format as Calendar Girl, if you read the genre). The first two are written and edited. I plan to have six written before I start publishing one a month, starting this summer.

I know it seems like I’m all over the place, but all my books, no matter the genre, have a common thread – they are all character-driven love stories. My goal is for you to know the characters bone deep, to sympathize with them and identify with them, and to ultimately root for them.

To that end…I’m out. Gotta get back to the writing. 🙂

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