Month: September 2015

The System Series Book 5…Systems Go

I got my site all spiffied up, and then I published Honor System, and I thought I’d have tons of time to start blogging again.

Instead, I got caught up writing Book 5 of The System Series, and the title is Systems Go.

I’ve written before about how I’ve had a tough time writing this series. I didn’t intend for it to be a series at all, and I’ve been winging it since book 3, Operating System. I had a vague idea about THE END, but I couldn’t see my way there.

Two weeks ago, I sat down to blog, and Emmaleth popped into my head. She was begging to be with Fifteen, one of the Dweller babies grown in the lab. In Honor System, she and Fifteen share a moment where they both want to explore space. I knew I had to reunite them (ha! I didn’t even realize they were apart!) and get them there.

I starting writing and the story spilled out. One of the reasons, I think, is that Systems Go is a return to my romance roots. When I care about my characters, and there’s an opportunity to get two of them together…I can’t stop writing. I have to see how the relationship develops. I have to get to the happily ever after.

If you’re familiar with my books, then I haven’t spoiled anything for you. Love always wins. It might not be pretty, it might not be the way we expect, but I want my readers to walk away with a smile and a warm heart and a little bit of hope.

So if you like your books heavy on the romance, and I lost you in the System Series because of it…email me. I will give you ebooks of Operating System and Honor System for free so you can catch up. ‘Cause you better believe you’re gonna want to know how this whole thing ends!

Honor System is Now Available!

Honor System, the fourth book in The System Series, is now for sale in Kindle format on Amazon! Buy it now for $3.99, or read for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

The Dwellers continue their journey in Book 4 of The System Series…

Seventeen-year-old Dweller and genius Thomas Van Zandt races against the clock to save his father from a heart attack. Thomas literally hooks into Michael’s brain, keeping it functioning until he can figure out how to heal the damage.

But healing takes its toll. Nothing is free.

After the healing, Thomas wakes three months later to find his life has gone on without him.

Michael is still in a coma, and his soul is barely tethered to his body.

The two babies Thomas and his wife Tessa adopted have grown and display amazing Dweller abilities—they can mindread and even heal others from afar. But Tessa is not a Dweller, and without the ability to control her own mind, she can’t control the kids.

Becoming a Dweller goes against everything Tessa believes—she doesn’t want to invade the privacy of others by mindreading, and she doesn’t want to mess with the way God made her. But in a family where the extraordinary is common, Tessa feels like an outsider.

Thomas needs to figure out why Michael won’t wake up, control his children’s burgeoning powers, and somehow convince Tessa that becoming a Dweller is a good thing.

Even when it has horrible consequences.