Month: April 2017

You Think the UK’s Healthcare System Is Better Than Ours?

Court To Decide Whether Severely Ill Tot in UK Can Travel to US for Pioneering Treatment

Can you imagine such a thing here? The US government  – a JUDGE – deciding the fate of your child?

Despite this family raising over a million dollars and thus being able to fund this treatment themselves, the UK doesn’t let them make this choice. Apparently a judge knows better than the parents.

This is sickening. We’re not talking about abuse. We’re not talking about neglect. We’re talking about a difficult decision that every parent has the right to make.

We need to wake up here in the US. This is what socialized medicine leads to. Whenever you choose security, whenever someone else pays for something, you give up freedom and are subject to the payer’s dictates.

I know healthcare is expensive. I know we’d all love to NOT have to pay for it. But this is the result of that kind of thinking – a judge telling you that your son is better off dead.

No thanks.