Month: October 2016

Do You Want To Be Judged On What You Say In Private?

We are taught at a very early age that what we do in private is not always appropriate to do in public. Picking our nose. Farting. Pointing at the fat person. Using the f-word. Yet all of us have done these things in private, and I don’t think they’re a testament to poor character. We’re human.

Now imagine if you had to censor yourself when you are with your spouse, or even when alone. You’re being watched. You’re being judged. That California rolling stop always results in a ticket. That comment whispered under your breath – “Damn women drivers!” – labels you as a misogynist for the rest of your life. That time you got drunk at your sister’s wedding…the state is sending you to rehab.

All of that may sound crazy, but it’s not. That’s what the left is doing to America. It’s forcing it’s narrow belief systems on you. And it starts out as heart-felt and well-meaning – no one should run through a stop sign! – and it starts out as simple shaming…and then it turns into law. A mistake becomes a felony.

That’s not the world I want to live in.

I’m not without character and conscience, and I’m not without compassion. I will never point at the fat person and laugh out loud. But if I want to take my children aside and explain the dangers of obesity, or the consequences of wearing those short shorts, or why immigrants from Asian cultures excel far beyond those from other cultures, I’m gonna do it. And I’m not a fat-shamer, or a slut-shamer, or a racist.

This goes for both parties, by the way. This isn’t a defense of Donald Trump. If Hillary is musing in an email about how to knock Sanders out of the race, we shouldn’t judge the words. That’s all they are. We should all be able to have private conversations and vent and talk things out. Sometimes that’s what leads us to the right path – proposing something crazy, saying stupid shit, and then realizing just how stupid the thought is.

We don’t want to venture down this road, folks. The Thought Police were once a horror in a science fiction novel, but today, they’re at our door. Keep us all free. Judge us on our actions, and not our words.