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To the People of San Francisco: You’re Wonderful!

As you know, we had a not-so-great time in San Francisco recently. Our car window was smashed, and my purse was stolen. Luckily, I didn’t have anything important in the purse – I’d taken out my license and credit cards and cash – but I did have our medical cards, my AAA card, and about $300 in gift cards in there. Boo.


I got a call from San Francisco today. Someone found my purse, wrote a note (“Found this in the street. Hope you are all right!”), then used an old address they found in the purse to try to send it to me. The post office declared that forwarding had ended to that address, and the purse ended up in the lobby of a random building. A second kind stranger took the time to track me down! He googled my name, found my biz Square Gorilla Press, and got my phone number from there. He’s sending it to me tomorrow.

I asked him for his name and address so I could send him a thank you. He would only tell me his name, Tyler.

Thank you, Tyler from San Francisco! And thank you first stranger! Your kindness made me cry. Even if the city has gone to hell, the people there are amazing. This restores my faith in humanity.