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NOTE: Here’s the first chapter from my new book. Happy reading!

The Revolution Party began with a single goal (equality), and achieved power without lopping off a single head, the suggestion of its name be damned.

Sensible North Americans questioned its methods (calm-headed rhetoric and rational argumentation, in case you’re interested), but none could fault its results.

The Monitors were delivered on a Sunday evening, two weeks after the election, while most people were home. They came protectively wrapped in bright pink boxes, like the gift they were meant to be.

“Open Me!” the packages read. “Easy installation!”

And the directions contained inside were indeed simple:

Get up-to-date news and commentary, safety tips, and vital instructions from the comfort of your home! These Monitors will replace your worn-out TVs. They are voice-activated—no touchscreen or remote necessary!

Simply hang them up with the included nails. They’re always on, and contain a lifetime battery!

Where should you hang them?

You should have received one 20” Monitor for your kitchen, one 15” for each bedroom, one 12” for each bathroom, and a 60” for your living area. Call 1-9999-MON-ITOR if your shipment is damaged or incorrect.

Happy Monitoring!

Since all television and radio transmissions ceased the day the Revolution took office (eh, atmospheric interference, increased carbon dioxide density, you know), North Americans were eager to throw the old technology out.

According to government records, 94% of the Monitors were installed the night they were delivered.

Writing Update 2/12/18

Just wanted to give a quick update to where I’m at in my writing. Last year was trying, and my head was not in the game. I actually have six half-finished manuscripts waiting for me to finish them.

Early this summer, I’m a part of an anthology called Strange Impulses with four other Orange County writers. We’ve each interpreted the title a bit differently, but everyone’s talented and I’m excited to be a part of it. Nervous System will definitely be included, and I’m feverishly working to include a new novel as well. If I finish, it will be included. If not, I should have it done by the end of summer.

The new novel is called The Revolution. Set seventy years in the future, it’s about a peaceful rise to power in the US of the Revolution Party, whose goal is equality. I take equality to its absurd conclusion, but it’s not really about that – it’s about two genetically engineered sisters, one a worker bee, one a future leader, who end up being pitted against each other to become the next Head Guide (the new title of the president). Ironically, neither wants the job for the power. They both know, though, that being Head Guide is basically a death sentence (the people of the US aren’t taking this equality thing so well), and they want to save each other. So it’s character-driven with a dystopian backdrop.

I’m also working to conclude the String Series.

When that’s done, I’m going to concentrate on a new science fiction series. The first book is titled The Trader. The Trader has the ability to trade skills between two people – the muscle memory, the knowledge. He gained this skill through a family curse where his great-grandfather made a deal with the devil – give me this ability, Mr. Devil, and you can have any of my female children. So when the Trader has a daughter, he has to figure out a way to save her. And yes, she’s a trader, too.

Thanks for being patient. I can’t wait to interact with you all soon!